Passing array parameter to Oracle Procedure

I am trying to pass a paramater as ARRAY to Oracle Stored Procedure from ASP.NET page using OracleClient.

oo4o and ASP classic have a method called parameters.AddTable which is not there in OracleClient ans ASP.NET.
In VB 6.0 with oo4o it is possible like following:
pconnection.Parameters.Add "ov_tseqno", 0, 2
pconnection.Parameters.AddTable "pv_arr", ORAPARM_INPUT, ORATYPE_VARCHAR2, 20, 100
Set arry1 = pconnection.Parameters("pv_arr")
arry1(0) = "Angel Pabon "
arry1(1) = "Nawed Khan "
arry1(2) = "FUL 5 "
arry1(3) = "Seller Pabon Angel "
begin pkg_name_insert.proc_get_name('50','7','208','Y',:pv_arr,'17',:ov_tseqno); end;
x = pconnection.ExecuteSQL(sql)
srseqno = pconnection.Parameters("ov_tseqno")
MsgBox srseqno
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Assuming you're trying to pass an array into the stored procedure (as opposed to binding an array of values to have the procedure executed multiple times), you'd need to use Oracle's ODP. It supports binding associative arrays (index-by tables), this feature was added in the 9204 version, and there are examples that install with it.
I dont know much about Microsoft's ODP, but dont believe it supports this functionality.
Hope it helps,
3/3/2004 4:18:33 PM
ms provider doesn't support array parameters..
Boss De Planes, De Planes
3/4/2004 4:41:37 AM

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