OracleCommand Object with stored procedure in Oracle 10.2 (ODP.Net)

 Dear All!

 i am using the oracle command with oracle database (v 10.2), the  command object has some parameters, some of them are of type input and 2 of them are of type Out put. But when we execute the command the output parameter of the command object shows the null value. i do not know wot is the exact problem.


here is the code

 Private Sub PrepareInTransitCommand(ByRef pCancelCompleteLog As DA.Common.CancelCompleteLog, _
                                         ByRef pCommand As OracleCommand)

        With pCommand
            'Attatches the Parameters
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_business_unit_id", OracleDbType.Varchar2, 2, ParameterDirection.Input))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_division_id", OracleDbType.Varchar2, 5, ParameterDirection.Input))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_last_receipt_date", OracleDbType.Date, 7, ParameterDirection.Input))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_comp_prcnt", OracleDbType.Single, ParameterDirection.Input))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_it_number", OracleDbType.Double, ParameterDirection.Input))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_cancel_complete_ind", OracleDbType.Varchar2, 1, ParameterDirection.Input))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_transaction_id", OracleDbType.Int64, ParameterDirection.Output))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_return_status", OracleDbType.Int64, ParameterDirection.Output))
            .Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_error_msg", OracleDbType.Varchar2, 2000, ParameterDirection.Output))

            'Sets Values
            .Parameters.Item("p_business_unit_id").Value = pCancelCompleteLog.BusinessUnitId
            .Parameters.Item("p_division_id").Value = pCancelCompleteLog.DivisionId
        End With

    End Sub


' Now Excecute command

public sub Main () 

    Call PrepareInTransitCommand(pCancelCompleteLog, lCmd) 

                    ' Check the Return Value which works fine here
                    If Not lCmd.Parameters.Item("p_return_status").Status = 0 Then

                                'Do Some thing

                    End If


            but  the Below parameter throws null, where as i checked the stored procedure which works fine. no problem in procedure


End Sub 


kindly tell me any  body if some body have same issue in Oracle. 

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