Oracle error occurred, but error message could not be retrieved from Oracle.

Trying to connect to an Oracle 8i database via Oledb, must use ole-db for the time being and can't use the OracleClient managed provider just yet.

I have scoured the net and ensured that the oracle home var is in the env vars, and i've given necessary permissions to IUSR_ account for the ora92 directory. There were no other suggestions i could find, please help if you've come across this and the resolution.
I have Oracle client version 8.1.7, win 2k pro, .Net 1.1 framework, I can post my inventory Contents if it'll help diagnose the problem.
please help if you can.
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Hi Robert,

What line of code is executing when you get the error? Are you able to connect then something blows up further on? Or cant connect?
Are you able to connect with oledb outside of .net?
How is it that you have client version 817, but have a ora92 directory? Do you have multiple homes?
The "error message cant be retrieved..." often means its still a permissions issue. I'd try giving EVERYONE FULL CONTROL as a test.
8/26/2003 7:55:19 PM
Hi Greg,

The error occurs as soon as I Open() the connection. I do have multiple homes, but the home selector is pointed to the correct one, the 817 version. But yes, the 817 version is installed in the ora92 dir, strange? I've tried the permissions test, and that still didn't work. And no, I can't even create an oledb connection when i try to add and test a Data Connection from Visual Studio. I appreciate your help.

Public Function GetConnection() As System.Data.IDbConnection
Dim objConnect As System.Data.IDbConnection
Select Case p_strDatabaseType
Case "SQLServer"
objConnect = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(p_strDSN)
Case "Oracle"
objConnect = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection(p_strDSN)
Case "Netezza"
objConnect = New Microsoft.Data.Odbc.OdbcConnection(p_strDSN)
Case Else
Err.Raise(InvalidDatabaseType, Me, "An invalid database type of " & p_strDatabaseType & " was encountered. Please check your database settings.")
End Select
Return objConnect
End Function
8/26/2003 8:51:28 PM
Here's what's installed in my Oracle Home (ORAHM92)

Oracle8i Client
Oracle Provider for OLE DB
Oracle Data Provider for .NET
8/26/2003 9:00:53 PM
Uninstalled all oracle clients, and just reinstalled

Oracle Data Provider for .NET
and the thing worked on the first time. Damn, a full day of nonsense, i'm not bitter, course not.
I really do appreciate the help though.
8/26/2003 10:11:56 PM

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