Inserting into table (error!)

Hello all!  I'm having a problem inserting into a table in my DB.  I've done inserts many times before and this is the first time I'm getting this sort of error.  When I fire off the button click event, I get an error stating: 

ORA-00984: column not allowed here

Here is my insert code:
Dim strInsert As String 

strInsert = strInsert + grabText(txtTitle.Text) + ",'" + lstSub.SelectedValue + "','" + lstLoc1.SelectedValue + "','" + grabText(txtLoc2.Text) + "')"
Dim InsertCommandLibrary As New OracleClient.OracleCommand
InsertCommandLibrary.CommandText = strInsert
InsertCommandLibrary.CommandType = CommandType.Text
InsertCommandLibrary.Connection = OracleConnection1
I looked over my SQL string b/c I figured that's where my problem lies, but I cannot find anything that is wrong (at least I can't see it). If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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Unless TITLE is a numeric field, you need single quotes around it.
8/12/2003 4:47:41 PM

What is the resulting sql string?
8/18/2003 2:15:49 AM

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