inserting data from one table to another table..

Hi Guys!

 I am stuck on inserting data. Hope you will help me.

I have two tables name Customer and Address;

Customer(cust_id,name,add_fk);    fk=foreign key,  cust_id and add_id are primary key


Now, how can I retrieve add_id from Address table and insert into Customer table ( in the add_fk field) using stored procedure with parameters?

I am using Oracle 9i.

 I would appreciate your help.


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Are you using any of this data in between these actions? (eg: Are they going to reside in your page in a grid, or formview?)

 I ask because if you have a datasource already established for those, then it may be a bit simpler....

Daniel Pennington
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5/14/2007 11:07:42 PM

Hi! depennington2,

 I am going to input the data from the aspx page to the Oracle database. Also after retrieving the data from the database it is going to reside in a formview.

I would appreciate your help.


5/14/2007 11:34:46 PM

Hello :)

 Well, since you'll have the stop-over in the formView, you can reuse it's datasource programmatically to do your Insert as well.

What I have done in the past for this is to create a structure of textboxes and use FormView.Rows.FindControl("myTextbox")


I'll try a small illustration here:

 Private Structure myDataIn '// I use a structure assuming a lot more elements, you may not need to bother with that

    Dim txt1 as textbox = CType(Me.fvMaster.Row.FindControl("ThePageNameOfMyTextBox1"), TextBox)

    Dim txt2 as textbox = CType(Me.fvMaster.Row.FindControl("ThePageNameOfMyTextBox2"), TextBox)

End Structure

myFormViewsDataSource.InsertCommand = "INSERT INTO tbl (myField1, myField2) VALUES('" + myDataIn.txt1.Text + "', '" + myDataIn.txt2.Text + "')"


It's a quick-and-easy way to do it, and be able to have the kind of field-level control you may need....

There are many ways to do this though, I just thought this might be something that makes sense to you... You can Google the FindControl and such and get good links to MSDN...

Best of luck =)


Daniel Pennington
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5/15/2007 12:16:40 AM

thanks dcpennington2

 But I am sorry to say that I didn't understand. Actually, after  inserting  the data in  the Address table , the add_id (primary key)  of Address table should be copied or inserted to add_fk (foreign key) field of Customer table when I insert the Customer data. I am using 2.0 and C#

 Looking for your great help.


5/15/2007 2:26:04 AM

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