I have problems, ORA-12154, TNS: could not resolve service name?

I have 2 scenarios here.

1) Currently, I am using IBUYSPY Portal VB .NET to integrate with SQL2000 in XP and W2K Server. It seems it is ok.
2) I want to use IBUYSPY Portal VB .NEt to integrate with Oracle or AS400.
2a. In XP, I have installed Oracle DB 9.1. Now I have seperated folder for IBUYSPY Portal VB .NET for accessing only Oracle database. I modified web.config file as following:
<add key="ConnectionString" value="Data Source=winxp2003\ORADB9;User ID=IBSPO9I;Password=myPassword" />

Winxp2003: the name of my XP server
ORADB9: the name of oracle database
I already created all required tables under user IBSPO9I, I have no errors.
I compiled my web project called "IBUYSPY Portal for Oracle 9i", I have no errors.
When I ran the web project, I have an error: ORA-12154 TNS: could not resolve service name. Do you have any tips and detailed documentation? Do you have any directions?
2b. I want to use IBUYSPY Portal VB .NET to integrate with AS400 (Client/Server). I intend to install IBUYSPY Portal VB .NET in XP or W2K Server and integrate with backend database Server (AS400) via TCP/IP. Is it possible? If possible, do you have any code and documentation for this scenario? Do you have any guidance and directions?
7/17/2003 7:24:26 PM
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No input on the whole IBuySpy deal, but as far as the 12154, you need to supply a valid tns alias to connect to the database. Are you able to connect to the database using sqlplus? you want to supply the same alias that sqlplus connects with, to the connection string for "data source=..."
If you havent configured the client with a tns alais ( aka net8 alias, sqlnet alias, tnsnames entry), you'll need to do that first. You can use the Net8 Configuration assistant to do that. You'll need to know the machine name, port number, and service name of the machine the database is on.
7/17/2003 8:59:37 PM
No answer, but can you help me with creating my oracle db? I have the script from hector here on the boards but I can't seem to figure out how to use it.

I have sqlplus and pl/sql developer to use.
7/18/2003 4:22:33 PM

I'm a client guy, and cant really help you create a database.
When I create mine, I just put the database cd in, select database install, take the defaults and let it run.
7/18/2003 5:19:16 PM
I've had the same problem and added the following to the Web.Config file:

<identity impersonate="true" />
This worked for me.
7/21/2003 7:40:16 PM

since you are a client guy, can you help me about connection to my Oracle 8i DB.
my tns is working OK, I can use SQLPLUS to connect.
can you send me a snippet of code I need in my asp.net to connect to Oracle and do a select.
Thankx in advance.


Don't forget to .NET

8/1/2003 7:12:56 PM

8/4/2003 4:08:23 PM

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