How to create a single Oracle Database connection method or function to be used on or by all classes and pages that want to connect to the database?

 How to create a single Oracle Database connection method or function  to be used on or by all classes and pages that want to connect to the database? How can I create one method or function in csharp to be used on all pages or classes when conenction to the database? Please give an example.

I have database connections which I am using on each and very page or classes, but I can I put in one page then I just start  calling it?

Database connection I am using:


  OracleConnection dbconnection;

    this.dbconnection = new System.Data.OracleClient.OracleConnection();
  this.dbconnection.ConnectionString = "user id=studentuser;data source=vdsoure;password=888hfg1";

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I used to create an 'OracleConnection' whenever I need, instead of checking deeply for the way you expect to have. I think it's a one-step action!

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   To add to what HuaMin said, you dont need to do that in .NET; maintains a connection pool automatically behind the scenes so is a cheap call that just gets a connection from the pool rather than opening a hard connection. Just create a new OracleConnection when you need it, and Dispose of it as soon as you're done with it so it can be returned to the pool.

Hope it helps,

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