How can I do Muitple LEFT JOIN in Oracle?

I am developing web application using csharp on visual studio 2008.
I using oracle as database. I have a transaction  table in database with  a lot codes from other tables.
Now I am writing an sql that is pulling records from this table. Now I want to do Left joins so that  code values can be replaced by names as it displays.
So How can I do multiple LEFT JOINs  in one sql.

The sql is as follows:

sql= select studno,gradeno,streetcode,yearcode, stationcode from Table7 Left JOIN

So how can I do Left Join for Five(5) tables in  a sql. Mean  tables with actual values  for studno,gradeno,streetcode,yearcode, stationcode.

Please help.
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 try the following query:-


select t.studno, t.gradeno, t.streetcode, t.yearcode, t.stationcode

from Table7 t

left outer join stdtable s on t.studno = s.studno

left outer join gradetable g on g.gradeno = t.gradeno

left outer join streettable st on st.streetcode = t.streetcode

left outer join yeartable yt on yt.yearcode = t.yearcode

left outer join stationtable on sn.stationcode = t.stationcode

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Refer to this
SQL> select
  2    author_last_name c1,
  3    book_title       c2
  4  from
  5    author full outer join book_author using (author_key)
  6           full outer join book using (book_key)
  7  order by author_last_name;

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HuaMin Chen

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