How can I avoid or solve this problem?

I am using oracle database in development. I  want to do a Left Join on a sql. But I Have three fields that are reference from one table. I mean there is a country of Dest,Country of Source, country of saling.
Now the sql is  as follows,
select Countryde,countryname, countryso,Countyname, countySale, ProductId from SalesId Left Join Country on Using(countryso),Join Country on Using(countySale)
It is giving an error an 

ambiquance(Not clear) field name. How can I solve this problem?

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This issue is most likely due to the query performing a SELECT using JOINs on more than one tables.

The "Ambiguous columnn name" error means that the column name can be found in several tables, so you have to use more qualified names, either using the table name as a prefix, or an alias if you use some



Om Prakash
4/27/2009 5:22:42 PM

One of the fields your are selecting exists in more than one of the tables that you are joining. Use tableName.field to pull all of your columns.

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Refer to this example
SQL> select
  2    author_last_name c1,
  3    book_title       c2
  4  from
  5    author full outer join book_author using (author_key)
  6           full outer join book using (book_key)
  7  order by author_last_name;
and accordingly correct it by yourself

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HuaMin Chen

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Main problem with that you have same  

select Countryde,countryname, countryso,Countyname, countySale, ProductId from SalesId a Left Join Country b on Using(b.countryso),Join Country c on Using(a.countySale)
You have same field in tree table so this problem comes. but don't worry have solutions.

You use table name with alias then you can do your job,
As per your table i set alias i.e. a b c

select Countryde,countryname, countryso,Countyname, countySale, ProductId from
SalesId a
Left Join Country b
on Using(a.countryso),
Join Country c on Using(a.countySale)

Naresh Prakash.
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