FOR XML and OPENXML using Oracle / using xml in ORACLE stored procedure

I need a help with respect to xml operations in ORACLE.

For example, 
Need to send multiple rows at once into stored procedure.
Need to  pass data (a single entity) to stored procedure as a xml from Data Layer ( Instead of individual params)

In case of sql server, 
There is an approach like, 
    From Front End,

  •   Serialize the entity collection or single entity as xml and send to the db.
  •   Pass xml to stored procedure from Data Layer

    sql server stored proc in turn, 

  •   receives the xml as a ntext,
  •   converts into xmldocument and
  •   using OPENXML we can update/insert/delete the collection in single strech.

How to achieve the same functionality with ORACLE?
To my knowledge there is no sp_xml_preparedocument,OPENXML,FOR XML in ORACLE.
But there would be some indirect approach.

Can anyone share the ready made syntax or workaround on
like reading from a xml string and doing DB operations like insert,update,delete on tables..

Any help GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Praveen Vitta.

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It depends what you are doing.  If all you are trying to do is avoid multiple round trips to the server then you don't need to use XML, just use array binds.  See

If you really do need to use XML try looking at the Oracle XML examples


3/18/2007 3:40:49 PM

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