Choosing Oracle Client Version with Microsoft Managed Oracle Provider For .net

We need to change the Oracle Client that the System.Data.OracleClient uses to connect to our database on a server that has multiple versions of the Oracle Client. A different application on the server that we do not have control over is requiring the default ORACLE_HOME directory to remain an older Oracle 9i version of the client. Because of this, our applications using the Managed Oracle Provider for .net are using the 9i client to connect. We have a planned Oracle upgrade for our Database that will require us to use the new 10g version of the client that is also installed on the server, but is not the Default. We are aware that this is possible with the ODP, ODBC, and other providers, however we have several apps using this provider and we are not looking at upgrading. We are hoping to find a connection string attribute, or minor coding change that will enable select applications to connect through the NON-DEFAULT Oracle 10g client, while the older apps out of our control will still connect through the default Oracle 9i client.


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As far as I know System.Data.OracleClient simply loads the first OCI.dll it finds in your PATH, so you could use a BAT file to change your path and fire up your app. 

I think you could probably change the "start in" directory for the shortcut as well.

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Since this and the other app are apps, we did think about changing the environment variables on the global.asax app startup, but it seems like there should be a less hack-like solution.

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You can keep both 9i client and 10g one there to see if everything is smooth for the application. Is it right that you ran the different client on the different PCs?

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Both clients are installed. 9i is the default, but 10g is also installed. Our app's database has been upgraded and we need to connect using the 10g installation. Another application that we do not have control of, uses an older version of Oracle and requires the 9i client. Since 9i is the default this is not a problem for them, but it is for us. We need a way to specifically connect from our application using System.Data.OracleClient through the 10g installation. Currently, it is defaulting to the 9i install and we can't have this. We know both client installs can live happily on the server, that is not the question, we just need a way to choose which client and app uses for its connections.



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If we choose 10g client, we need to make sure that it's 'Home0' that is before 9i one. Then when making the connection, we put the corr. TNS name of that 10g DB.

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4/24/2009 1:51:39 AM
We went with our original idea and it's works fine. In the global.asax we set the "Path" environment variable in the application_start to a value from a configuration file containing the path of the Oracle client home install we want to connect through appended to the beginning of the existing Path value.  This affects the application pool running the app only, so if there are other apps in the same pool they will also connect through the non-default Oracle Client. Since each of our apps has its own pool, this works perfectly. 

Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("Path", string.format("{0};{1}",OracleHomeString, Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Path").ToString))



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