Best way to pass multiple records into Oracle Stored Procedure in one call from .NET


I have been looking to find optimal way to pass record set (which is collection of records to be inserted into an oracle table which containts about 100+ columns) as parameter to Oracle stored procedure. This way, I would not need to create parameter for each column and call the Stored Proc too many times. I am thinking to make use of some kind of data structure which can be interpretted in both Oracle and .NET sides,something similar to Table of Oracle Object type or Oracle Record(of type <Table>%RowType) . I did not find support for neither of these types by various Oracle data access technologies like .NET framework provider for Oracle, ODAC or ODP.NET etc. I would appreciate any help on this.





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you can use array as parameter in oracle SP. Below link talks about show to do it from You can also do the same in c#



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You can achieve it using XML or array binds.

Please refer the below link.

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I appreciate your responses. ArrayBinding seems to be a good way to send parameters of different datatypes into the stored procedure in a single call. I will try it out.


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