We Need ADO Wrapper Class Methods using Ado.net

We Need clue / suggesion for writing the ADO Wrapper Class Methods below using Ado.net

Any one example for any method will help

1) getBookmark()

2) setBookmark(currentBM)

3) Delete ()

4) close ()

5) getStatus()

6) getDataSource()

7) DataMember()

8) Update(Fields,Values)

9) ActiveConnection()

Thanks in Advance.

5/5/2008 7:42:39 AM
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You don't say what language you are using (VB or C#), but all you have to do is to create a Function or method and put your ADO.NET code in it.

For example, Delete() will obviously have to take a parameter, such as an integer, or array of integers, and the code within it will loop through the values and delete the records that match the criteria. Genearally such a method will return a boolean value to indicate whether the operation was successful.

public bool Delete(int[] myintegers)
    //code to delete records goes here

I don't know what the Close() method is supposed to do, but of it's to close a DataReader or Connection, they already have perfectly adequate Close() methods.  It's pointless duplicating that.


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5/5/2008 9:07:39 AM


public int Activeconnection()


 //declares how many minutes the connection should be active


Public bool Update(fields,Values)



 //declares the fields to be updated


Public string getDataSource()


 //declares which datasource your presentation layer links for

Example "SqlDatsource1,2,3,4..........." or "ObjectDatasource1,2,3,4................"



public void Close()


 //this can be used for declaring a Connection to be closed.



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 We are looking for any clue or suggestion from anybody worked on wrapper classes on writing the properties / methods of ADO-recordset using Ado.net.

5/5/2008 3:52:58 PM

is these methods will work in Disconnected Architecture ? if not how we have to impliment these.

1)      getBookmark()

2)      setBookmark(currentBM)

3)     Delete ()

4)     close ()

5)     getStatus()

6)     getDataSource()

7)     DataMember()

8)     Update(Fields,Values)

9)     ActiveConnection()

5/5/2008 4:01:21 PM

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