Use Custom Service Account for connecting to SQL Server using windows authentication

My web server has IIS 6.0 and is not in my company's domain. I created a virtual drectory for the ASP. NET 2005 application. I am trying to connect to SQL server which is in domain with Windows Authentication.

I created a local account on WEB SERVER ex. CustomASP, I assigned it with ASP.NET permissions. Created a new application pool with configurable user the local account and assigned the ASP .NET application to the pool.

Now I need to create on SQL Server a login & grant access to the custom service account created (handles the application pool).

How am i going to let my custom service account from WEBSERVER to have access on my database in SQL Server ? Do I create a domain account with the same name/password as my custom service account (CUSTOMASP) for not having to give password and use windows authentication ?

Thanks a lot in advance! 

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I decided to create a mirror account user same as my custom service account on WEBSERVER. I created a SQL login for the mirror account and a database user for it. Database user has connect & execute permissions. Also has execute permission on the first stored procedure executed.

But I am not able to login from the ASP application. Have I missed any step for granting permissions ?

Thanks a lot!

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