Update database from datatable when using INNER JOIN in SelectCommand

 Hi EveryBody,

 I've searched the net and this forum for my particular problem but can't find my exact problem.

I want to update the database from a datatable. The datatable is the result of a join on the database.

I can't seem to use the dataadapter.update method because it gives me an error that a certain column doesn't exist.

This is because when I use the INNER JOIN, the datatable consists of the 2 joined tables from the query

When I execute the query in SQLServer it just gives me one table.

My question is how do I get rid of the second, joined, table so i can use the update command.

I'm already using it for one table and that goes fine. it's just the joined table that gives me errors 


Here is my Code:


1    		strSQLBoekingen = "SELECT * FROM Boekingen INNER JOIN Huizen on Huizen.HuisID = Boekingen.HuisID where TypenNr = '"typenr"

3 Dim SqlConnection As New SqlConnection("
5 Dim daBoekingen As New SqlDataAdapter(strSQLBoekingen, SqlConnection)
6 Dim daTypePeriode As New SqlDataAdapter(strSql, SqlConnection)

7 daTypePeriode.Fill(dsTypePeriode, "
8 daBoekingen.Fill(dtBoekingen)
9 dsTypePeriode.Tables.Add(dtBoekingen)
11 dsTypePeriode = updateBoeking(dsTypePeriode, distRow("
maxxResId"), dsBeschikbaar) ' updates the dataset
13 Dim cbSQL As New SqlCommandBuilder(daTypePeriode)
14 SqlConnection.Open()
15 daTypePeriode.Update(dsTypePeriode.Tables(0))
16 dtBoekingen = dsTypePeriode.Tables(1)

17 Dim command As New SqlCommand("
UPDATE Boekingen SET StatusCode = @StatusCode, StatusCodeChange = @StatusCodeChange WHERE ReserveringsNr = @ReserveringsNr", SqlConnection)
18 command.Parameters.Add("
@ReserveringsNr", SqlDbType.Int, 20, "ReserveringsNr")
19 command.Parameters.Add("
@StatusCode", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 1, "StatusCode")
20 command.Parameters.Add("
@StatusCodeChange", SqlDbType.DateTime, 10, "StatusCodeChange")

21 daBoekingen.UpdateCommand = command
22 command.ExecuteNonQuery()
23 SqlConnection.Close()
24 dsTypePeriode.Tables.Remove("
25 dsTypePeriode.Tables.Remove(dtBoekingen)
11/9/2007 10:18:52 AM
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that's because you're using a sqlcommandbuilder that can't support query with joins.

 You can always assign the insertcommand/updatecommand/deletecommand of your adapter with the query you want and not use sqlcommandbuilder

11/9/2007 12:40:57 PM

I used the explanation in this post http://forums.asp.net/t/926260.aspx that way i could still use the update method.

So far it works

However I still have a question.  

Do you always get both tables in the resulting datatable when doing a join in SQL???

11/9/2007 12:56:18 PM

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