returning one row and actuallying getting data from it.

i don't want to do this via grids or any of that.  that's the one complaint i have of, everyone wants to return data in these dang grids and all i want to do is run a query and extract the data i want.

i already have the query:

FROM tblUsers
WHERE (txtUsername = @username)

i just need to know how to get the resultset and get the value of the intUserID column and assign it to a variable.
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read the MSDN documentation about SQLCommand.ExecuteScalar() Method.  They have some sample code too.

Dinakar Nethi
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12/8/2004 4:09:45 AM
quite honestly that does not help.  i'm very new to c# which is why i'm posting on here for help.
12/8/2004 4:45:09 AM
its very simple..any article over the web about executescalar() method would have enough sample code/xplanation for you to understand...

dim your sqlcommand vairable..set the commandtext property as shown your connection ..xecute your sql..close your connection..

cmd.CommandText = "select count(*) from region";
'open the connection
Int32 count = (int32) cmd.ExecuteScalar();
'close the connection

or is there something else that you are trying to do ?
Dinakar Nethi
Life is short. Enjoy it.
12/8/2004 3:38:22 PM
i suppose you didn't understand my question.  i want to return one row and manipulate the data within that row, which could mean more than one column.  i'm not looking to get the count(*), i'm looking to actually extract data.
12/8/2004 3:53:11 PM
>>i suppose you didn't understand my question

you were right..your sql statement kept misleading me..
you can use a Datareader or DataAdapter...

Dim ConnectionString As String = "Your_Connection_String"
Dim CommandText As String = "select Col1, Col2, Col3 from TableName"
Dim myConnection As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(ConnectionString)
Dim myCommand As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand(CommandText, myConnection)
Dim DataReader As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader()
If DataReader.HasRows Then
Do While DataReader.Read()
End If

for DataAdapter..

dim DA2 as SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter
dim strcmd as string
strcmd="select col1,col2 from YourTable where userid=@userid"
Dim selectCMD AS SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(strcmd, objcon)
selectCMD.Parameters.Add("@userid", =10
DA2.SelectCommand = selectCMD
Dim DS2 As New System.Data.DataSet()
Dim DT2 As System.Data.DataTable = DS2.Tables(0)
Dim ADR2 as
if DS2.Tables(0).rows.count > 0 then
ADR2= DS2.Tables(0).rows(0)
if not IsDBNull(ADR2("col1")) then
end if
end if

Datareader is faster if you are just displaying data...
Dinakar Nethi
Life is short. Enjoy it.
12/8/2004 4:16:48 PM
that's what i'm talking about!  :)  i won't be able to mess with any code until tonight, but that is just what i was looking for i think.  everyone else just uses grid and i need to do some processing on one column, i never see any code examples for that, but that looks like it is what i need.  thanks so much!
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