Reading text file and insert/update to DB

Hi All,

Normally, I am using SSIS to get a file from a text file and then do some lookup before I insert/update to database.

Is there any sample code of how to do this in C# or Vb.NET?

Basically, I would like to read a daily text file from a directory. Check each row by id then compare it with the database table.
If there is already an existed ID, then updated, otherwise insert a new row.

Thanks in advance.

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Your question really falls under two parts.

1)reading the text file and parsing the values.

reading a text file is fairly simple

Once you've done that assuming each record is on a new line in the text file I'd split it into an array using string.Split("\n\r");

That gives you each row as an object in an array. I'd then create an object with each field and set them based on their position in the object. Depending on the file format this might be another .Split operation. That should give you an object ready to insert/update into the db which I'd then add to an Ilist or some other collection.

2) upserting the db

I'd then iterated over all the objects I had and I'd use one of these methods to insert/update the db



 Colin Robertson
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