Open and close the connections on the code behind file or class file is fast

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Method1: I am opening, performing some task and closing the connections from the sql server, no of time based on requirements on the code behind file. 

Method2: Also I have gone through this post and it is mentioned that fast and better performance we should open and close the connection on the class file.

Please let me know for the fast execution of the .net application which method should I chose 1 or 2





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Technically, method 1 does indeed feature opening and closing connections within a Class file.  It's just that the class is an instance of the System.Web.UI.Page class.  The only reason you would create a separate class file to encapsulate your data access routines is to organise your code better.  If you application grows, and you open connections within pages, any change to the connection string could conceivably leave you having to alter all of your page class files.

From a performance point of view, the rule is simple: wherever you perform data access, whether that's in a spearate class, library or within the code-behind file, make sure you open the connection as late as you can, and close it immediately you are done with it.  You don't have to explicitly call the Close() method either.  If you put your data access code within a Using statement, it will be closed and disposed of automatically.Oh, and make sure that the connection string is identical whenever you use it.


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