ObjectDataSource '...' could not find a non-generic method '...'

In Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, I've created an ASPX page that uses a DetailsView and an ObjectDataSource ('ObjectDataSource1') to connect to an Access 2003 database, via a TableAdapter.  I've successfully created SELECT and UPDATE ('UpdateAddrQuery') methods in the TableAdapter but noticed that when I included any of these columns [E-mail], [2003Campaign], [2007Campaign], [Date Joined], [Grant Size], and [Next Deadline], it would generate an error message.  In the case  of [Next Deadline] it is as follows:
ObjectDataSource 'ObjectDataSource1' could not find a non-generic method 'UpdateAddrQuery' that has parameters: FormerFile, FormerID, WebsiteID, FundraisingID, fundraisingOrg, PrimaryName, Address, Address1, Address2, City, State, PostCode, Region, Location, Country, Tel, Fax, Internet, Member, Returned, IARegistration, ContactType, Comments, Flag, AddressClosed, Delete, ZooRelated, OnLineDB, TypeSupporter, SupPotential, InterestArea1, InterestArea2, LocationFundraising, DateSourced, Next_Deadline, original_ID, Next Deadline
The error message is the same apart from the last three fields, which vary as follows:
[E-mail] = ...E_Mail, original_ID, E-Mail
[2003Campaign] = ..._003Campaign, original_ID, 2003Campaign
If I rename the column [Next Deadline] to [Next_Deadline] in the Access database table, the revised UPDATE ('UpdateAddrQuery') method works just fine.  However, I wanted to find out if there was another solution to this problem before I started renaming the remaining fields.
Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
8/29/2008 9:37:42 AM
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You can't have the confused names in Access database. You should rename it to avoid potential errors.

Buddy, it's always a good practice to name a column in a good way. Hope this helps you :)

9/3/2008 4:12:15 PM

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