new fields in a dataset table

 i have a simple access database that I havea a dataset for , I have tried adding a new field in the mdb file itself in table1 called testfield

this testfield does not appear in the dataset designer of that table even after refreshing

i then tried to add from the dataset designer , but it did not appear in the raw database mdb file , 

how do I add fields to a database after it has been connected to via a dataset , via the datasources and dataset designer etc 


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I've never found a way to do this, so if someone can shed some light, so please do!

I've always had to delete the dataset using the designer, and just drag the table back over from the server explorer - that has worked for me.


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8/13/2008 11:05:04 AM

 isnt this a bit of a major design flaw if this is the case , I will lose any custom queries that I have done in the designer on that table if I delete and then redrag over ...

it is normal for tables / fields to change as the end users needs change or if you miss something out when building the db , surely there must be a way of adding fields to a table without destroying what you have already? 

If anyone can say either way it would be a help 


8/13/2008 11:48:14 AM

I completely agree with you - which is why I hope I am wrong!

In terms of custom queries, I always do those in SQL Server, and keep them with the database, and create methods that call them from a separate data access layer.

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Hi br3athe,

As far as I know, it's not supported in typed dataset. You can't refresh the table schema in designer panel when it has been changed in database. You have to delete the table and re-drag it.

For your custom queries, it's better to encapsulate them into a stored procedure in database. As a result, you will have no need to re-write them.


David Qian
Microsoft Online Community Support

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8/15/2008 6:38:39 AM

 in this case I am using access which is  a pain to use stored procedures

I have flirted with datasets but am going to not be using them in the future 

I think they create another layer in the architecture of a project not simplifying the layers

In a standard sql server project you would

have your tables and stored procs in sql server 

connect to sql server and pass paramaters to the sql server to execute 

so an layer >> and a >> database layer 

with datasets you have an extra layer 

so layer >> calls dataset layer >> which calls sql server 

this dataset layer seems to be very inflexible , ie the problem above , where if you want to make changes to a table then you have to start again in the dataset designer 

to change a tables structure is absolutely normal ,  and I would think 99.99% of projects will change the structure in a table if the project has any longevity

so I am going back to connecting with a command object, in code , passing parameters and using a reader if needs be , dataset designer seems to move the programmer away from the raw code and rely on visual studios drag and drop generated xsd files which are pretty much unmanagable in terms of changing retrospectively.

the only good thing I can see about datasets was the instant strongly typed interface you got in visual studio editor , however you can even replicate this by writing your own classes for each table which would do the same , and if you add a new field in the table you simply edit the class with your new field 

Dont understand why the developers at microsoft have implemented something that is so hard to edit retrospectively of the initial design of the db ?!


thanks for your answers 


8/15/2008 12:38:28 PM

Hi br3athe,

Typed dataset is designed to simplify your development, it can save the code and time. Also, it supports strong type, which can avoid the type mismatch errors in compile-time. However, as far as I know, it's not the best one for accessing data. For now, LINQ is a good choice, you may get to know that when you're free. Please go the Microsoft MSDN website and search for more information about it.


David Qian
Microsoft Online Community Support

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8/18/2008 3:21:21 AM

I can do it with VS 2008 and SQL Server 2005. Just add new column to your your dataaset in the designer, in its Source property, type the column name of the database you want to bind to (The column name may not appears in dropdown list as it is added after the dataset is first created).

9/12/2008 2:16:15 PM

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