Linq to SQL and stored procedure with dynamic sql

I have a stored procedure like

create proc test
set @sql = 'select ' + .... + ' from ....'

The select list is dynamically (in fact, pivot table). However, after drag the stored procedure to dbml design view and called, the stored procedure only return an integer.

How to get the result set of the stored procedure when using dbml?



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Is this the only SELECT statement that @sql gets?  I created a simple example and it performed as I would expect returning a complete recordset....I'm wondering if your stored proc is returning 2 record sets....for reference here's my code...:


CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sptest]
	-- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
	-- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
	-- interfering with SELECT statements.
declare @sql varchar(500)
    -- Insert statements for procedure here
	SELECT @sql = 'select * from staff'
    exec (@sql)


DataClasses1DataContext dc = new DataClasses1DataContext();
var staff = dc.sptest();
GridView1.DataSource = staff;
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Yes, I tried your procedure and it works. Mine is more complex pivot query. What's interesting is that dbml cannot figure out the return type when the dynamic query become complexer.

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