Get the last inserted row's Identity (ID) using DataTable and Row


I use DataTable and Row and the Update() method to insert data into my table.

I need to retrieve the Identity (ID) assigned to that row for further processing. (e.g. add data into other tables that refer to this row).

How do I retrieve the ID? 


In a high traffic website (e.g. 100 inserts in 5 seconds), by just retrieving the ID of the last inserted row may not be very safe. Please advise if I am correct.

Any other methods of achieving the same goal?

thanks in advance

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string query = "Insert Into yourTableName("col1","col2") values(xyz,pqr) select @@Identity as YourFieldName "

 now open a conncetion and fire a query

long _id = Convert.ToInt64(command.ExecuteScalar());

later you can use _id for further processing.


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hi, thanks for the reply. I'm using the DataTable, so I'm not sure how to incorporate your proposed solution.


Currently I have the following code:

        Product.ItemDataTable itemTable = newProduct.ItemDataTable();
        Item.ItemRow item = itemTable.NewItemRow();

        // Add some data here.......

        // Add the new product
        int rowsAffected = itemAdapter.Update(itemTable);



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Are you updating or inserting by that way?
 Which query or storeprocedure you have writte for it?

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I'm big fan of Open source flash chart for .net very very simple
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4/19/2008 6:51:07 AM


I'm inserting new record.

I've written only the SQL insert for it. 

4/19/2008 1:04:25 PM

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