Failed to update and insert the data to the .mdb

Hello everyone,

can someone show me the right way to update and save data to the database? I have a .mdb and have set "STANDDARD" and "STATE" to a primary key
so that way it won't be duplicate the "STANDARD" and "STATE" data in the database. So when a user selects a list of STANDARD and STATE from the dropdownlist,
it will read the db and select the matching name in the STANDARD and STATE field and update that row fields corresponding to the field in the form.
The connection to the database is working but it fails to read in the data where the query is "myUpdateQuery". Does anyone have any suggestion of where I did
wrong in the code below or have any sample code that I could use to update and insert data to the .mdb?  Thankyou very much!


protected void LinkSave_SelectedNodeChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)



string username;

string State;

string trStandard;

string myConnString;

OleDbConnection myConnection = null;

OleDbCommand myCommand = null;

OleDbDataReader myReader;username = Session["user"].ToString();

State = ListOfStates.SelectedItem.Text;

trStandard = dbStd.Items[dbStd.SelectedIndex].Text;



string dbName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("RootDir") + username + ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("DbState");

string myUpdateQuery, mySelectQuery;

string retVal;



mySelectQuery =
"Select STANDARD, STATE from dbdefaults where STANDARD = " + "'" + trStandard + "'" + "STATE = " + "'" + State + "'";

myConnString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + dbName;

myConnection = new OleDbConnection(myConnString);myCommand = new OleDbCommand(mySelectQuery, myConnection);


myReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader();

if (myReader.Read())


myUpdateQuery =
"Update dbdefaults Set STANDARD='" + trStandard + "' Where STATE= '" + State + "'";

myUpdateQuery = "Update dbdefaults Set asa='" + checkDb0.Checked + "' Where STANDARD='" + trStandard + "'STATE= '" + State + "'";

myUpdateQuery = "Update dbdefaults Set pws='" + checkDb0.Checked + "' Where STANDARD='" + trStandard + "'STATE= '" + State + "'";





myUpdateQuery =
"INSERT INTO dbdefaults (asa, pws) Values (";

myUpdateQuery = myUpdateQuery + "'" + checkDb0.Checked + "',";

myUpdateQuery = myUpdateQuery + "'" + checkDb1.Checked + "')";



if (myConnection.State != ConnectionState.Open)


OleDbCommand newCommand = new OleDbCommand(myUpdateQuery, myConnection);



retVal =
"Success: InsertRequestorInfor";


catch (Exception)


retVal = (
"Error: " + "dbPath = " + dbName);



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The SQL that results from your concatenation of values is not valid.  For example, if  we take this query:

"Update dbdefaults Set asa='" + checkDb0.Checked + "' Where STANDARD='" + trStandard + "'STATE= '" + State + "'";

and added the value true, standard and CA, the result would read like this:

"Update dbdefaults Set asa='true' Where STANDARD='standard'STATE= 'CA';

It needs to read: "Update dbdefaults Set asa='true' Where STANDARD='standard' AND STATE= 'CA';

Also, I'm not convinced that you have delimited the value that gets applied to asa correctly.  You would be much better off using parameters: 


Regards Mike
My site
11/9/2007 5:34:08 PM

Thanks Mike for replying and also for link...

 If I change the query like this and get the newline in constant error:  myUpdateQuery = "Update dbdefaults Set asa='true' Where STANDARD='standard' AND STATE= 'CA;

 Also, I try one of your parameter update sample, it reads the "myUpdateQuery" and "myCommand" but not really updating the data in the database.  Can you tell me what I did wrorng?  again thanks for your help

if (myReader.Read())


myCommand.CommandType =

myUpdateQuery = "Update dbdefaults Set sort_order= ?, asa= ?, pws = ?";

myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("sort_order", ListSortOrder.SelectedItem.Text);

myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("asa", checkDb0.Checked);

myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(" pws", checkDb1.Checked);


11/9/2007 8:34:33 PM

The first example that you showed is still wrong.  You aren't looking at what you have typed.  You haven't delimited CA correctly, nor enclosed the string with a final quote and semicolon.  Also, you haven't actually read the article at the link I offered.  You've mixed up some sample code, and haven't shown all the code that you are currently trying to get to work.  Why are you setting parameters while reading data from a datareader?  Why haven't you set the commandtext of myCommand?

I assume that checkDb0 and checkDb1 are, what? Checkboxes? CheckboxLists? Either way, that's not how you get the value.  If it's a Checkbox, you need to establish whether it has been checked, then get its text value.  For a checkboxlist, you need to iterate the items and find out which ones are checked.

I strongly recommend that you follow the quickstart tutorials which can be found under the Learn link at the top of the page, and familiarise yourself with working with server controls. Then you should find some SQL tutorials, and run through the basic syntax.


Regards Mike
My site
11/9/2007 10:02:32 PM

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