Excel experts : Filling an complex Excel file and parsing a complex Excel file

I am stuck with below mentioned problem

The requirement is that, we have Excel file template(.xls) which has Macros and most of the Worksheets are either hidden OR locked. When the end user clicks on a button to download it, follows modifications has to be done to the Excel sheet.

  • Unlock the Excel worksheet, fill some data at certain cells and then lock it back
  • Write some data into a hidden worksheet

There are two options as far as I know

  1. Excel Interop/MICROSOFT Excel 11.0 Object Library 
  2. OLEDB Driver

I cannot go with option 1 because I cannot install  MS Office on the web server

My Question is that:  Can I use OLEDB for the same (unlock the sheet, fill data and then lock it back) ??????

Any other better solution is also welcomed Big Smile 

Please help !!!! 





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