Converting ADO to ADO.NET

Hi, I am trying to convert this code from ADO to ADO.NET

I am very new to ADO.NET and am a bit confused on how I would convert this.
Basically what I am trying to do is capture the name of the fields of a table to populate a dropdownlistbox. The table name will change every time the program is run. This is not a problem and I can code for that.
Here is what I have in ADO (I have tried the wizard but it did not change the code)

Dim tblFields As Object
Dim myRst As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim myField As ADODB.Field
Dim myCnn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim cmdText As String
Dim cnnString As String
cnnString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=<database>;Persist Security Info=False"
With myCnn
.ConnectionString = cnnString
End With

cmdText = "SELECT * FROM <table>"
myRst.Open(cmdText, myCnn)
tblFields = myRst.Fields
Dim TotalCount As Integer
TotalCount = tblFields.Count

For Each myField In tblFields
Debug.Print myField.Name
Next myField

This code works in VB6, but I really need it for an ASP.NET application. I want to get away from ADO and into ADO.NET
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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There are way to many way to list how to do this. You could do it with a Reader or an Adapter, the usage would depend on what all you wanted to do with the data and if you wanted it disconnected or disposed. Yes ADO.Net is a completely different way of thinking about Data.

The only thing I can really do for you is give you a book to read.
ADO.Net Core Reference
Microsoft Press
Author David Sceppa
ISBN: 0-7356-1423-7
I ready the whole thing cover to cover in about 2 weeks. And it is by far the most excellent book on forget about the Step by Step it is useless All Code samples are in both and C#
12/4/2003 10:01:21 PM
Thanks for the tip on the book! I 'll be sure and pick it  up.

I did some "deep" digging around here and found some code snippets that were a big help. What I would phrase for a search would never have brought me to the thread where I found the results, but the digging sure paid off!
here is the end result (in case anyone else ever comes accross this problem)

Private Sub PopulateFields()
Dim strText
strText = txtTable.Text.ToUpper
txtTable.Text = strText
cnnAccess = New OleDbConnection(strCnnAccess)
strTable = "["
strTable = strTable & txtTable.Trim
strTable = strTable & "]"
strCmdAccess = "SELECT TOP 5 " & strTable & ".* "
strCmdAccess = strCmdAccess & "FROM " & strTable & ";"
myDa = New OleDbDataAdapter(strCmdAccess, cnnAccess)
myDs = New DataSet
myDa.Fill(myDs, "AllFields")
Dim myDc As DataColumn
For Each myDc In myDs.Tables(0).Columns

End Sub
12/5/2003 6:19:07 PM

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