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Hopefully someone can help me with this: I know how to setup and run a query on an SQL db and I can probably work out how to query an XML file, but how do I take the results of each and combine them into one collection (i'm presuming a dataset)? Once i've created the combined collection, i'd want to order it by some universal identifier present in both datasources e.g. product ID. It's worth pointing out that the XML file would not be in the same format/use the same field names (or number of fields) as the SQL query, so I guess I might need to bind my query results to a dataset as per usual, but then do a more complex bind with my XML result that maps the XML fields to the ones in the query result (and therefore the dataset). To make things very slightly more difficult, I'd also like to add an extra field to the dataset that specifies where each row came from i.e. "SQL" or "XML"...

 Any help is much appreciated!

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Basically, you are on a rigth track. But, the easist way to merge two data tables into a dataset, you have got to make the table columns have the same name. My suggestion is that becasue you probably have the limitation to change the XMl file node name, you better change SQL results name to fit XML. For example, in XML, you have a ProductId, in DB, you have a ID, what you can do is

SELECT Id as ProductId.

Do all columns to fit XML file.

After two data tables generate, you can do DataSet merge to put two tables in one dataset.

Hope it gives you an idea.

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Thanks che3358! Only problem with that method is that I'm not able to add my marker field to the eventual dataset that specifies whether each record came from the SQL query or XML file.

To achieve that, am I going to have to read both the SQL and XML into a dataset 'manually' row-by-row, and then sort the dataset?

Thanks for the help so far!

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Not sure for that, but can you try to put a trick on DB side like SELECT ...., 'SQL' AS DataResource.

So, now in your SQL data table, you have a column called DataResource, but it doesn't exist in you XML table. In this case, if you do merge, guess what happen for XML table side? Hopefully, you will get null for it. If it works, you can easily find which data source the data comes from.

Just some thoughts ever though I didn't try before.

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Thanks again che3358. Your method did cross my mind, but i'm just thinking that in the future, I may want to incorporate more than 2 SQL queries and/or XML files, so would really need to label each and every record, rather than just let some be null. Thanks for your help anyway - sounds like I would need to manually read records from both SQL and XML and write them into a custom dataset... Or read the XML file(s) into the database so that everything comes from there, of course.

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