ask database on deleting if some row references another row (= database.Can_I_delete_some_table_row?)


is there way to ask database if I can delete some table row?

I have tables with foreign key constraints and I need "try delete" some row in this table. But there is possibility
that the row is referenced by another table, so it throws an exception..

I now that I can use in my .net code try, catch statement to catch unpossibility of execution sql statement...
but It makes me feel that this is "hard" way (throwing exception, catching..) -- maybe here is another more efficient way..Wink

I need do that:

IDbConnection connection = Connection;
// ask database if I can execute the statement (=can I delete table row?...)
// if yes ->

    CreateCommand(statement, connection).ExecuteNonQuery();

How can I implement bold part of code?


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One option is add the following to your delete stored procedure

IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM theReferenceTable)


     execute the delete statement



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In SQL Server, we can check for dependencies for certain objects like Stored procedures, Tables and Views with sp_depends. However, We cannot check for a certain row for dependecies.

Fore more information for sp_depends, please check

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Thanks for your replies,

we using our own data access layer which use object relational map pattern.
The problem comes, when we need implement inheritance in our classes hirearchy from business layer and save it (update, delete etc..) properly to database
-- when we deleting child, we need to delete parent, but it can be referenced by another child...

So finally our solutions consist of try delete parent which is implmented in DAL by try, catch statement.. ;/


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