Source install missing .webinfo

This could confuse someone who didn't know what happened.  

For anyone who's run into this, when you try to open the project with Visual Studio you'll get an error saying:
The project you are trying to open is a Web project. You need to open it by specifying its URL path.
To fix this create a text file in the project folder and name it: nGallery.csproj.webinfo
For the default install put this in the file:
<Web URLPath = "http://localhost/nGallery/nGallery.csproj"/>
Otherwise, alter the URLPath attribute to point where you told the install to put nGallery on your webserver. Then visual studio will know where to find the project within IIS.
There are also source control files left behind that will throw a source control error, don't worry about that just click ok.
Hope this helps.
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Looks like the Global.asax file is missing as well.

Create a text file in the project folder and name it: Global.asax
Put this in the file:
<%@ Application Codebehind="Global.asax.cs" Inherits="nGallery.Global" %>
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