Error, Error and more errors

Okay, all I wanted to do was test this app out and it has been a nightmare.

1.) Didn't install the sql database. I had to manually install it.
2.) I get errors when trying to add a picture to an album.
"Procedure or function ngUpdatePicture has too many arguments specified"
Any ideas? I've gotten more errors than this, but there is no use in bitchin.
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Are you using the v1.6.1 installer?  Also, did you select to install the SQL Server db and give it a valid admin login?  What were some of the error messages?  Did you have an existing DB from a previous install?

While bitching about errors does no good, being vague and just saying "screw it" doesn't help much either.
5/3/2004 11:21:30 PM
Pardon me for being too, vague.

The first time I tried installing it, I used the 1.6.1 installer and selected to install the Sql Server db and I populated all the fields. If it could not access the database, then it should have prompted me with an error message or something, but it just keeps installing. I uninstalled it and tried again, same problem.
So I decided to manually create the db and run the sql scripts. I'm only supposed to run the top script correct? The other scripts look like upgrades for previous versions. Then I went ot the app and set the data configurations. Now when I try to add a picture to an album I get
this error, "Procedure or function ngUpdatePicture has too many arguments specified".
So I guess, my questions is, what is the best way to install this app. Should I install it using the installer or should I download the souce code and compile it?
5/4/2004 1:12:05 PM
The installer should work just fine... in theory.  I spent a lot of time on it and installed it on my own machines many times trying to make it screw up.  If it couldn't log in, it might have gone on without properly erroring out.  It should show an error, but if everything did as it was supposed to, Sasser would not be causing chaos around my campus at all.

Running the main sqlserver script is the right one for fresh installs, the others are just for upgrades. I will have to double check the ngUpdatePicture procedure when I get home (leaving work in 30 seconds).
5/4/2004 10:32:16 PM
Can you go into SQL Server and paste the content of the ngUpdatePicture stored procedure?  The DB creation script and the current SQL DL are in sync.  This is what the ngUpdatePicture stored procedure should be:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.ngUpdatePicture
@PictureID int,
@FileName varchar(50),
@Title varchar(50)=null,
@Caption varchar(2500)=null,
@Highlight bit=0,
@AlbumID int,
@Width int = 0,
@Height int = 0
PictureFileName = @FileName,
PictureTitle = @Title,
PictureCaption = @Caption,
PictureHighlight = @Highlight,
PictureWidth = @Width,
PictureHeight = @Height
WHERE PictureID = @PictureID
AND PictureAlbumID = @AlbumID

Are you sure you didn't run any other scripts? Because in the update scripts, there is a previous definition for ngUpdatePicture which took less parameters than the current one. It is the upgrade from v1.0 to 1.5.
5/4/2004 11:15:36 PM
I was gettting the exact same error, so I copied and pasted your stored procedure... bam! It all works fine now. My original stored procedure was this:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.ngUpdatePicture
@PictureID int,
@Title varchar(50)=null,
@Caption varchar(2500)=null,
@Highlight bit=0,
@AlbumID int
PictureTitle = @Title,
PictureCaption = @Caption,
PictureHighlight = @Highlight
WHERE PictureID = @PictureID
AND PictureAlbumID = @AlbumID
9/21/2004 8:00:22 PM

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