need help to call webservice methods through ajax when my website got published

Hello Mate,

i already know Http object cannot call webservice methods but i have to use ajax and  webservice method. is there any other alternating idea (i don't want the page to be reloaded every now & then . thats why i said "i want ajax")

Much Obliged & Thanks a Lot,
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Checkout these links about calling webservice using ASP.NET Ajax:

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7/2/2008 4:50:58 PM

Hey man,

 I read the information on the link you had sent to me. There is  only a little bit of explanation. I am fresher Man!. Could u please give me some other links with some more explanation.

And one more thing , I am using visual studio 2005. and i dont have a "Ajax Enabled ASP.NET web forms"

Much Obliged & Thanks a Lot,
7/3/2008 5:32:18 AM

You should get ASP.NET Ajax 1.0, you can find it here:

Check this video about webservices:

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7/3/2008 1:15:40 PM

Thanks For ur reply man ,

                                    I will checkout them!,


Much Obliged & Thanks a Lot,
7/3/2008 1:21:04 PM

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