How to get value from client side

in my program I want to send a value to my modal popup, how can I do that?



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Getting Value from Client-side InputBox to .net variable
hi, im doing a login page for our timekeeping. Since there's no msgbox available on, im doing it dynamically via javascript. How do i Get the value frm a dynamically written javascript (such as inputbox) to a .net variable? here's the logic of my program, user logs in hits the button and sub-routine Login will be fired, if user is late -- call Check_Late Sub, this is whre the client-side script was built -- then after that i wanted to be able to get the value from an inputbox. '// if button login clicked Sub Login(Sender As Object, E As EventArgs) .......

how to get value from client side script Prompt window to a session var in .net
hi guyz, i hav a problem with getting a value from a client-side inputbox to a session var in .net. is this possible? however, when i click submit button this is the code that's triggered. dim sb as New System.Text.StringBuilder sb.append("<script language=" & """" & "vbscript" & """" & ">") sb.append(vbcrlf) sb.append(vbcrlf) sb.append("do while xLate =" & """" & """") sb.append(vbcrlf) '//prompt window, val...

Client side getting return value of webservice without opening a new page
Hello everyone,on this page they call a webservice with just html... but they open up a new page... I want to do the same but without opening up a new page. just want the return value in a textfield on my form. I don't want to open up a new page.....Can anyone tell me how ?greets, see my blog at and check the future of open mobile widget solutions at

Client side getting return value of webservice without opening a new page #2
Hello everyone,on this page they call a webservice with just html... but they open up a new page... I want to do the same but without opening up a new page. just want the return value in a textfield on my form. I don't want to open up a new page.....Can anyone tell me how ?greets, see my blog at and check the future of open mobile widget solutions at

How to get the Client side values in server side code.
Hi all, i have a proble i need to get the client side javascript values in C# code at server side. how can i pass those values? i am using version 1.1, i kno thatwe can use callback events mechnisam in 2.0 or ajax ,apart from that how we can pass? My problem is i need to stop the execution of the code based on after reciving values from the client   any ideas please???   Million thanks RamCheersRam MCP Hello Ram, a common approach is from javascript set an hidden field, then issue a postback. On the server-side, handle the post-back. Feel free to go deeper in your que...

Getting hidden variable value from server side in client side
hi,        I am struck in problem. I have a hidden field in my form and i am setting some value in that.         Now i wnt to use this value from client side but i m not able to retrieve it. All i am getting there is an object.         I feel the hidden field is not able to hold that value.         <input type="hidden" id="hdnVar" runat="server" />         in code behind      ...

Client Side Get Value
I am trying to retrieve the current value of a textbox from my code behind and assign it to a variable. Currently I am using something like   dim id as new string  id = txtbox1.text.toString()  When I am loading the page I am checking for a cookie then putting the value of the cookie in the txtbox1. Currently when I use the code above it gets the value that was put in there by the cookie. Is there a way to retrieve the value if the user changes what the value is of that textbox? I know in Javascript there is  txtbox1.value But I am having trouble taking the value ...

pls help: how to get client-side HTML "text field" value from a server side button
i copy some javascript from somewhere so user can choose pick up a date from a calendar and display the date onto a HTML text field. I have no knowledge in writing client side script(i.e. write code in html) can i write some code in a server-side button to get the value in the HTML text field??? i tried: Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click textbox1.text = document.getElementById("htmltext").value End Sub but "document" is highlighted, and say isn't declar yet. and...

How can I set client side values as server side values?
Hi, Can anyone tell me how I can get client side values such as document.referrer, navigator.appName etc... into server side scripts? There are some client side values I'd like to set as session vars and insert into the db? How do I go about this? Thanks for any pointers Davlon PS (I'm using powersite Pass them as page parameters, e.g., http://myserver/myurl?document.referrer=whatever&navigator.appName=yadayada Then, in your server-side script, just loop through the document.value array and get these values. -- pbm_hopethishelps, Roy Kie...

Get value of a client-side control
i have a webcontrol that has 2 viewstate variables and in the render event handler i write them as hidden input fields, because i need to be able to change them in javascript. the problem is, how can i access the changes made by the javascript? the control is actually a calendar written out as an html table and has 2 links for next/previous month which call javascript functions to change the month and then the table is updated with the new month (with AJAX). now, in my function that gets called an raisecallbackevent i need to know the values of the new month/year so that the javascript can c...

how to get value from client-side Prompt
hi guyz, i'm doing a login page in .net, now after submission -- and if ur late -- a client-side prompt box will appear to enter your reason for being late , now.. how do i get the value back to .net??? could you please give me an example? thanx and GodBless. :) You could save the response from the client-side prompt into a hidden field and then extract the value on the server. This example, prompts for a reason, stores the response into a hidden field named "reason" and then extracts the reason from the Request.Form collection and sets it in the page: <%@ Page Lan...

Get textbox value in client side
My problem is that in my ascx file i have a textbox & a input buttom with a javascript function that will validate the textbox: .... <script lang="javascript"> function Test() { if (document.all.txt1.value == "") { alert(); return; } } </script> .... <asp:textbox id="txt1" runat="Server"></textbox> <input type=button id="cmd1" onclick="javascript:Test();" value="Add"> .... But the function don't work, because the textbox control isn't...

Developed WebService 1.1 for Client 1.1. Getting error "Server was unable to process the Request" Pls Help
Hi., I developed Microsoft Web Services2003 for the Client Application 2003. When it runs in 5 machines it gives good performance and has no errors. But if i run the same application in about 80 client machines. Getting error "Server was unable to process the request". I use Sql Server 2005 as my database. I get error even when i login at a time for about 25 users. Tried modifying machine.config too. But went unsuccessful. Live Server is 2003 using IIS 6.0 I use very expensive data handling.  Its very urgent pls help. Have to post in Live Server. Thank u., ...

getting client side value in code behind
Dear all, i have declared a variable in client side to hold a particular value..i have to access this variable within pageload can i do it???please suggest   mama Hello, You can make use of Hidden variable, which can be accessed in client side as well as in code behind. I hope this will be helpful..S.SRIRAM hello take a hidden field in your page fill it with ur javascript variable then access the value of hidden field in page loadHAPPY CODING Hi It is an easy codding man.. just add runat="server" attribu...

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