Ajax calls web service. Web service returns string nodes and 1 node of binary data...How?

I've been all over the place looking for some helpful clues with ASP.Net 3.5 and handling binary data returned to a client.  Initially it was a standard PDF v1.3...at this point, I'd be happy to see that Ajax ASP.Net sending back an image or sound file embedded as binary data within the XML/SOAP data sent back to the user.  Below is one of several variations that I've tried.  Any suggestions?

1.  User clicks a button on the web page.  The button calls a JScript which calls the web service.

2.  The web service sends back an XML/SOAP response.  Some nodes contain text values.  The third node is supposed to contain binary data.  However, when the web service responds back to JScript I get an Internet Explorer Error of 'Null or Not An Object'.


Public Class PDFAjaxWebService
Inherits System.Web.Services.WebService
<WebMethod(EnableSession:=False)> _

Public Function ajaxPDFGenerator() As XMLPDFDataBlock
' Our custom-defined XML class
Dim xmlResponse As New XMLPDFDataBlock

 ' The location and filename where HTML code is located to have application translate into PDF format
Dim localTempLocation As String = "D:\testarea\files\temppdf.txt"

' Generate a binary data stream
Dim externalProcessPageVirtual As ProcessStartInfo = New ProcessStartInfo("htmldoc", "--quiet --webpage -t pdf " & localTempLocation)
externalProcessPageVirtual.RedirectStandardOutput = True ' Grab StdOut
externalProcessPageVirtual.RedirectStandardError = True ' Grab any errors (StdErr) that may come up if needed
externalProcessPageVirtual.CreateNoWindow = True ' No need to create a window for this operation
externalProcessPageVirtual.UseShellExecute = False ' We want the raw output
Dim runProcessPageVirtual As Process = Process.Start(externalProcessPageVirtual)

' Grab StdOut which is binary data
Dim generationResultsBinTemp As String = runProcessPageVirtual.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd()

' Build XML stream going back to the user
With xmlResponse
..generationResultsMsg = "Message 1" ' Text string being returned to client
..generationResultsURL = "Message 2" ' Text string being returned to client
..generationResultsBin = generationResultsBinTemp ' Binary data being returned to client...such as image, sound file, etc
End With
Return xmlResponse
End Function

End Class

' Define the return data going back to the JScript as a response
Public Class XMLPDFDataBlock

Private _generationResultsMsg As String
Private _generationResultsURL As String
Private _generationResultsBin As String

Public Property generationResultsBin() As String
Return _generationResultsBin
End Get
Set(ByVal value As String)
_generationResultsBin = value
End Set
End Property
Public Property generationResultsMsg() As String
Return _generationResultsMsg
End Get
Set(ByVal value As String)
_generationResultsMsg = value
End Set
End Property
Public Property generationResultsURL() As String
Return _generationResultsURL
End Get
Set(ByVal value As String)
_generationResultsURL = value
End Set
End Property

End Class
2/11/2008 11:14:37 PM
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The following link demonstrates how to chop up binary data into segments (that part is included to show how to send a parent node which has an infinite number of child nodes through a class declaration) and send back in XML/SOAP which is received by .Net Ajax/JScript.  In order to send back a large XML/SOAP message than the default size, which seems to be 60Kb, you will need to modify (on the server) the MaxRequestLength, etc.  The link also demonstrates how to work with a console application in a web service.

Try this URL: http://www.virtualsecrets.com/dotnet-35-web-services-ajax.html

2/19/2008 4:32:23 PM

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