show each user pages which can access, without using membership or roles



i have the following scenario:
each employee authorized to just enter some pages in web site, as an example : jack can enter page 1 ,2 and 3 ,mary can enter page 1 and 3;
i want each employee to see a treeview that show him/her the pages that can enter;
what is the best way to implement this dynamic view, i mean, i want each employee when enter to see a treeview with pages that can access and i need to keep this tree view alife while he is logging on.
HINT: i am not using neither membership nor roles in my web site, i have my own database to store users and to store pages which they can access

is there any useful tutorial in this domain

thank you

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First you need to configure the roles and corresponding pages. You can do this in an XML file or in database.

Simple XML file in this regard would be like


<role name="employee">


<page name='First.aspx' displayname='First' />

<page name='Second.aspx' displayname='Second' />

<page name='Third.aspx' displayname='Third' />



<!-- Similarly for other roles as well -->


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You can use the built in features of the site map for this.

  1. Create your site map file with all of your pages in it.
  2. Modify web.config to add authorization rules (use the location element to specify individual files and which users/roles can access them).
  3. Modify web.config and add a site map configuration with security trimming.
  4. Use a SiteMapDataSource control and bind the TreeView to it. The site map data source control will read the site map, but only show nodes for which the user is authorised.

Read up on this at the QuickStarts:

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 thank you for your reply

but actually i dont have any membership or roles implementation in my website, i have my own database to save users information, and in this database i have information about pages which they can access

how can i do this in this constraint 

thank you

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Create authorization tables in your own database and then create the treenodes based on that..

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In this case you'll want to build a list yourself, using your own authorisation rules to identify whether the user is allowed to see that page or not. For performance reasons you'll probably want to cache this data (use the Cache object) so that you don't read it from the database for every page.

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