Show Different content pages based on selction in master page without refreshing

Hi All,

I have a master page which hold a tab consisting of 10 different tab items, where each tab items data should be shown in each content page.. I know that using update panel we could avoid postbacking of a control, but i need to move from one content page to another, without refreshing the whole page, how could i do it ?

Please help me, Its very urgent

Thanks in advance,


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 What about using another approach , what about MultiView control inside your UpdatePanel 

Hosam Kamel

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10/14/2007 5:18:37 PM


Thanks a lot for your quick reply, but your answer doesn't satisfy my needs,

I want to split it up into pages, i can't keep all my controls related to 10 tab items in a single page...., which would slow up my applications  performance,

The ultimate goal is to split up into pages and show different pages without postbacking the whole page, i just want the contentplace holder of master page to be replaced by different content pages based upon the tab item selection in master page,

Am i conveying clearly?

How does ajax sites work in this manner, please give me clear solution that could help me,


Thanks in advance,




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OK , what about split them into user controls and load this user controls dynamically depend on the tab. ? 

Hosam Kamel

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In fact, the MasterPage play as a server control of content page at run time, but not like a iframe. About how the master page works, you can read this article:

So if you want to change to another content page, it actually redirect to a new page. The whole page must be refreshed.

But I think you can use user control instead of tabs. Or you can use iframe to implement it.

Hope it helps.

Amanda Wang
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 Good Day.

 Can you please post me some links which shows the second approach to use the user controls for avoiding the total page refresh.

 Best Regards & Wishes,

 Satyam Kumar.


5/8/2008 5:05:03 AM

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