Set static item selected style, when one of the dynamic items is selected



I have a menu with some parent items in the static menu. Now I would like this parentItems to be gray, when I am on one of the childpages ( on of the items in the dynamicMenu ).


for example:

here (screenshot below ) I am on the "doelstelling"-page, which is a subitem of "Bedrijfsinfo". Now, I would like the be able to set a certain style to "Bedrijfsinfo" when a user is on the doelstelling page, or one of the other subpages. 


Is this possible? 

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Yes this is possible, however, you have to use the CSS Friendly menu. You can find it here -  

I hope this helps, if it answers your question, don't forget to mark it as such for those who come afterwards.


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Thanks i will try that out

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