New to Master Pages, unsure about what to set as Start Page

This is my first experience with Master Pages and I must say that I really like the concept of it.  I have run into one small problem though, and I'm not sure if I am just going about it all wrong conceptually, or just missing something.

 So far, I have a .Master page, it has a few <div> tags and 2 contentPlaceHolders.  One is a header cph and the other is a body cph.  I have two Web Content Forms that are associated with the Master page, one is a header form and the other is a body form.  The cph tags are matched correctly between the master and children forms.

 My problem is that I'm not sure what to do about a Start Page.  There is no "Set as Start Page" option from the context menu on the .Master form.  I can set either my header or my body form as the start page.  When I set my header as the start page and run the project, the master page loads up fine but only the content that I have placed in the header child form shows up.  When I set my body form as the start page, the master form shows up fine but only the content that I have placed in the body form to show up.

 How do I set a start page to where all of the child forms will show up that are attached to the Master page?

Thanks for any help that can be provided!

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to see you header and your content you don't need to have two content pages. Just use both contentplaceholders in one content page and set this to default.

If you want to have the same header for all content pages just define it in the masterpage.

Hope this helps 

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Thanks for the information, everything shows up now. 

So basically, you have a master page and a content page and on your content page you have your different content tags that appear wherever their corresponding contentPlaceHolders are set up on the Master Page?

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 Correct. You can also set master pages as the master page of another master page if you need to =

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