Menu control : Cross page posting and posted values in nested controls?

I've created a dyrnamic template for a menu control which renders either a textbox or a linkbutton. The textbox acts as an search input field. The value of this field then acts as input to another page(on another frame actually).

What happens is that clicking on the linkbutton will do a postback to Main.aspx(which resides in a frame called 'MainWindow').

When the value arrives at Main.aspx, I see the value from 'searchMovies' textbox posted into the Request.form collection as : 'NavigationMenu$ctl05$searchMovies' with the value that was keyed in.

From main.aspx, does anyone know how I can retrieve the value of the searchMovies inputbox programatically? Perhaps starting with PreviousPage.FindControl("NavigationMenu") and so forth, and finally being able to get something like .FindControl("searchMovies") ? My last option would be to parse the Request.Form collection if it can't be done this way.

Would appreciate any input or help..

Sample code below :

Public Class MenuTemplate

   Implements ITemplate

Public Sub InstantiateIn(ByVal container As System.Web.UI.Control) Implements System.Web.UI.ITemplate.InstantiateIn

   Dim lb As New LinkButton
   Dim inp As New TextBox
Dim mtc As MenuItemTemplateContainer
Dim mi As MenuItem

   mtc = CType(container, MenuItemTemplateContainer)
   mi =
CType(mtc.DataItem, MenuItem)

   If mi.Text = "searchMovies" Then
      inp.ID = "searchMovies"
      inp.Attributes.Add("onClick", "event.cancelBubble=true;event.returnValue=false;")
      lb.Text = mi.Text
      lb.PostBackUrl =
End If

End Sub

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

   ...........some code.........

   client.RegisterOnSubmitStatement(Me.GetType,    "submit"      "Form1.action='Main.aspx';'MainWindow';")

   NavigationMenu.DynamicItemTemplate = New MenuTemplate(sm)

End Sub

<form id="Form1" runat="server" action="Main.aspx">
<h3>Menu MenuItemClick Example</h3>

<asp:menu id="NavigationMenu"
staticdisplaylevels="2" staticsubmenuindent="10px"
orientation="Horizontal" onmenuitemclick="NavigationMenu_MenuItemClick"
target="MainWindow" runat="server">

<asp:menuitem text="Movies"tooltip="Movies" value="Movies">
<asp:menuitem text="Action" tooltip="Action" value="Action" navigateurl="Main.aspx" />
<asp:menuitem text="Drama" tooltip="Drama" value="Drama" navigateurl="Main.aspx" />
<asp:menuitem text="Musical" tooltip="Musical" value="Musical" target="MainWindow" navigateurl="Main.aspx"/>
<asp:menuitem text="searchMovies" tooltip="Search Movies" value="searchMovies"/>



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