How to control the text-size effects on the Master page presentation

I have built a web site using ASP,net 2.0 with a master page and many content pages.
Recently a manager told me that when he changed to a big text size, the Title and subtitle
lines mixed up.   I know we probably can not design a web site to fit all kind of text sizes.

Are there some guidelines to effectively use the % and px on a master page, so that the content
pages, or the navigation bars, or subtitle label will not mix with the Title label?   Below is a
summary of the layout design for my master page. Will appreciate your help in improving the
layout coding.  Basically, there are three tables.  The first tables is the header with 2 labels.
The second table is the navigation bar.  The third table is a side-bar links menu and the content page.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
<table style="z-index:101; width: 100%; position: absolute; height: 20%">
       <td style="width:245px; height: 76px">
            <asp:Image     style="z-index: 100...">
       <td style="width:820px; height:76px">
           <asp: Label Font-Size="X-Large" Text="TITLE" width="500px"></asp:Label>
           <asp:Label  width:242px">subtitle</asp:Label>

<table style="z-index: 100; width: 100 %; height: 40px">
   <tr>Navigation bars
     <td>   </td>
    <td>   </td>

<table  width: 100% height:75%>
    <td width:15%; height: 363px
        <asp:Menu height="175px' width="180px"
           Side Bar links

   <td width: 85%; height: 700px>
     Content Place Holder

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If you avoid using tables for page layout, you can prevent this kind of problem.  Use CSS positioning and divs instead.

Regards Mike
My site
9/29/2007 9:01:20 AM


In fact, I have coded inline style sheets inside the tables.  I started with labels and inline styles first.
But found the headline codes of master page mixed with content pages, then I added tables,hope to
confine the headline codes.  

Am I missing something with the CSS?   Thanks.

- Jeffrey 


9/29/2007 5:20:50 PM

Well, tables are for displaying tabular data, not for constraining bits of a page.  Also, table cells don't behave in the same way as block level lements, in that they often expand beyond the width you set them to accommodate their contents.

You have a mixture of dimensions.  For example, you have given a table a width of 100%, then applied fixed widths to the two columns.  If you want a table to fill the width of its container, then you can't constrain the columns, otherwise it behaves unpredictably. The other thing you should bear in mind is that you should avoid applying inline styles.  Use one external style sheet.  That way you don't inadvertently override styles set in the style sheet and spend hours trying to work out what went wrong.

Google CSS layout for loads more information.  It will probably take you to sites such as,, etc. 

Regards Mike
My site
9/29/2007 6:22:06 PM

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