how can i take two sitemapdatasource controls for two sitemap files


I have 2  web.sitemap files, for 2 diffrent languages,

when user login with 1 st langauge mode, i want to display that language menus

and  user login with 2  nd langauge mode, i want to display that language menus

here i am displaying menus in Master page,

-----Her can i take two sitemapdatasource controls for two sitemap files

if then how i assign  sitemap files to two diffrent sitemapdatasource controls

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-----Her can i take two sitemapdatasource controls for two sitemap files


can i take two web.sitemap files   and bind  with one sitemapdatasource control


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Based on my understanding, it seems that you want to change the web.sitemap at runtime, if so, please read this thread in advance,

and check dannychen's replied, and see the following article which is mentiond by dannychen,(dannychen did not give the link in his posts)

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