How can I access the property a control on a master page from the master page's code behind.

On my master page I have a label. I want to change this label's text property based on an element of the querystring. (label.text = "NewValue")

All child pages using this master will display the same thing so I was trying to put the code in the master page so as not to have to duplicate it for the child pages or put it in a base class and use FindControl.

Is it possible to access from a master page's codebehind the property of a server control that is placed on a master page's aspx? If so how?
(I saw similar questions, but they all came from the view of a child accessing the property.)

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It works just like any other page with controls on them. You can access them directly from the master page code behind.
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Accessing directly, in the manner described below, did not work for me. 

If I drag a textbox control (TextBox1) onto the MasterPage.aspx and in the codebehind reference the text box in this manner "TextBox1.Text = "Hello World", despite code completion indicating the presence of the control, when I compile the webproject I get the error "Error    4    The name 'TextBox1' does not exist in the current context".

If I refer to the textbox in this manner "this.TextBox1.Text = "Hello World" on compile I get the error "Error    5    'MasterPage' does not contain a definition for 'TextBox1' "   

I am using a Web Application Project (  

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Can you post some code so we can see what you're doing, it's hard to tell from the thread so far.


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Problem Solved: I messed up. A reserved word was used as the name for the MasterPage. While this did not cause a compile error. It did interfere with functionality.
12/31/2006 9:02:12 AM

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