CSS Control Adapters

I was thinking to implement menu like on www.auctiva.com using CSS Control Adapters. How would I do it?

The enu would have two bars:

1) Main bar - tabs


2 Second bar with submenu items, all links horizontally

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CSS control adapters
I've just seen another thread mentioning these which reminded me that I couldn't install the blighters. A couple of questions first tho.  The VSI file that I download won't load/install, it comes up with "string cannot have zero length".  ANybody any ideas on what may be going wrong? Second question is on how these get deployed on my remote server, will I be able to use them without access to the core asp library directories (if that makes sense). To fix the VSI installer problem, see this posting, http://forums.asp.net/thread/1492405.aspx. To deploy the adapters you do not ...

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Hi, I am writing a module for 2.1.2. The view control is loaded based on a "&itemId=" parameter appended to the url. The module has Edit and Add controls. I use the same ascx page for both (register the same page twice as Add and Edit). Navigation to the Edit is done by using EditUrl("itemId", itemId, "Edit") and navigation to the Add is done by using EditUrl("itemId", -1, "Add"). This goes well. The problem is going back from both Edit and Add to the view, when clicking update, delete or cancel. I've tried EditUrl("itemId",itemId, "") going back from the Edit, but I get the "mid=...

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I have a user define control.  I put the control on the (C# Visual Studio 2008) page where I want them. When I run the program, the controls are all over the page.  How do I place them where they do not move form where I put them? You'll need to study the HTML output and see what it's producing, then start to look at how to do an HTML layout. hi, there are absolute and Relative position in html. I guess you must use relative position. For example, at design-time, you place a TextBox below an Image, at run-time, no matter what size is the image, the TextBox is alway bel...

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