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My client wants to have the ability to click an image on the page and the font size will be increased for all of the text on the page. They then want to be able to switch back to the smaller "original" font size by clicking the same image. I have looked all over and none of the things I have found have worked completely (i.e they do only some of the elements on the page but not all. Anyone have any idea how I can do this???



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It's hard to say, being that I don't know how you are controlling the font size in your page in the first place (inline styles, linked stylesheet, hard coded).  Off the top of my head, you could do this with JavaScript.  Upon clicking the image, call a JavaScript function that gets a reference to a style(s) in one of your tags that wraps the text and change it to reflect the size you want.  In the JavaScript function you could do a test to see what the current state is and then flip it - to get the toggle effect.

Hope that helps...
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The font size is controlled by CSS stylesheets. I am not very knowledgable in javascript. Do you have any examples or know where I can find to do what you suggest.
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In your case, you could have multiple stylesheets and swap which one is linked to your page with server side code.


You could use ASP.NET 2.0 themes/skins.

If you look on my website, in the upper right corner there is a theme selector.  I'm storing the theme using ASP.NET's profile provider.  This works for anonymous users too.  I change color schemes but you could do something similar with font size.

Matt Brown - Metal music community and reviews
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Thanks I'll try that
11/27/2006 7:08:32 PM

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