calling a master page's method from user control

Hey all,

 I have a user control on an aspx page which has a master page. That master page has a method, which I need to call from the user control's button click event. How can i access master page's method from a user control which is used on an aspx page?



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One way of doing this is as follows:

1. Define an interface in your App_Code folder, and on this interface define the methods that you want to expose from the Master Page.
2. Have the Master Page implement the interface.
3. In the user control, you can then access the Page.Master property. Cast this to the interface you defined in 1 using trycast (in Visual Basic) or as in C#.
4. If the result of 3 is not null/Nothing, then call the method.



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Hey Dave,

 That worked just fine. Thanks for your help.


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Hi, Does any1 let know , How to call method of parent user control on child user control actually my parent user control has a button .... and i wnt to call button click event of parent user control at child user control . Its Urgent plzz. Thanks, Mohit  In your parent UserControl, expose a public method.  Then in the child user control, cast Parent as the parent UserControl's type and call the method. (Parent as ParentUserControlType).MyPublicMethod();  "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might." - GOD...

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