mysql instalation

 i want to install mysql database how can i install

what and all i want to install 

where can i download mysql 


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If you need MYSQL then go to and download the required edition.

if you need Microsoft SQL Server 2005 then

Robin Kedia
4/29/2009 12:00:50 PM

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Hi, I would like to install the database driver for MySql, however I would like to not have to install MySql on the local machine. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks in advance, Joe Grastara Project Assistant Digital Media Center The Skirball Institute Of Biomolecular Medicine New York University Medical Center 540 First Ave., New York City, NY 10016 USA You should only need the client libraries for the machine you are on. -----Original Message----- From: Joe Grastara [

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My installation of RedHat Linux server 5.3 came with PERL 5.8. I updated my version of PERL to 5.12, and my copy of PERL resides at / root/localperl/bin/perl I've attempted to install DBD, DBI and Net::MySQL and all failed. It is possible that the reason why the installs are failing is common to all three, but I do not know that as a fact, so I am asking you to look over and respond as to what I may be doing wrong in the installation of Net::MySQL. I'm following the instructions that come with Net::MySQL - Pure Perl MySQL network protocol interface. Any attempts to use ...

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Hi, i have installed mysqk from binaries itworks!!! but now how can i install php5-mysql and dependencies? Many thanks Thierry -- trazomtg ------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you say from the binaries, do you mean you installed via Yast and the Suse repositories?? It is always best to install via Yast-Software-Software Management if you can. This way all dependencies are done for you. -- gogalthorp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ gogalthorp's Profile: http://forums.opensuse....

Fix for problems installing DBD::mysql-2.9004 with mysql-4.0.20
Perl-5.8.5 compiled happily, now updating DBD::mysql with: mysql-standard-4.0.20-pc-linux-i686 DBD-mysql-2.9004 Catch is that newer mysql distro's use ./lib and ./include for their files not ./lib/mysql or ./include/mysql. Fix is to symlink '.' to mysql in the lib directory and use an explicit '-I' with the cflags. For example: $ perl Makefile.PL I will use the following settings for compiling and testing: cflags (mysql_config) = -I/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql -mcpu=pentiumpro libs (mysql_config) = -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/my...

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Hi, Please tell me what could mean the following errors I get when trying to install DBD::mysql for MySQL 4.1.1 under Fedora Core 2. I am fighting for a day to install DBD::mysql, but without success. I have also tried to install it by downloading the tar ball and compiling, but with no luck. Help! Thank you. Teddy dbdimp.c:2144: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type dbdimp.c:2146: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type dbdimp.c:2148: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type dbdimp.c:2153: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type dbdim...

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Hi there, i am new to .net and i am trying to setup a simple form. I am an open source person and what i am asking can be done easily using php and mysql; but i need to know how to do this in .net project asap. i have three forms; form1 submit to the database and redirect to form2 and form2 submit to the database and redirect to form3. i want to grab mysql last inserted id from form1 to form2 while redirecting and pass it via the url. i am able to select from the database, but i don't know how to assign it to a variable; here is what i have so far: str2 = "select last_ins...

------=_NextPart_000_0026_01C30A6E.486AE070 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Anyone run into this problem=20 $mysql->query(q{ INSERT INTO dbname (table_name) VALUES ( $var ) }); The problem is, when I assign a value to a $var that value is ignored in = the SQL statement. Ive tried every operator I know to get it to look at = it and accept the value as input into the DB. Ive tried=20 ( '$var' ) ("$var") ("\$var") ([$var]) ({$var}) Any ideas ? Kind regards...

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