mysql: how do i go about retrieving data from a mysql database?

Hi all,

Using, whats the best way to get data from a mysql database? I want to write a class that does this for me

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Download MySQL connector from above link, reference it in your project and put it in the Bin folder of your project. Make a connection string in your web.config, and build a data class and a data access class in your preferred language. The data class being a representation of your table, and the data access class recieving the data object as a parameter to its insert, delete and update functions. Then link an objectdatasource to your data object class and data access class, and then you can link controls to that objectdatasource, such as a gridview or repeater. This is a programmatic approach since you have to construct the data classes on your own rather than having VS construct a tableadapter and so on...
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