MySQL DataTransfer from one database to another database

Hi ,

I've two database in mysql and I want to transfer data from my database to another database.


what is the System to do so.



A k Verma
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If you couldn't just transfer database files, you can script your database 
(script table definitions and table data) and run SQL script on your target 
12/28/2006 6:29:25 AM

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if i have one table from database A, and i want to copy the table to database B, then how to do it in SQL server management studio express? is it i have to make sql query?Taj FreewarezNo limitations...It is not a shareware...It is simply free :) try      select * into databaseB.dbo.TableA            from databaseA.dbo.TableA or go to database B and run   select * into TableA              from databaseA.dbo.TableA...

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hi i have a windows based application and a web based application. the database of windows based application and web based application are same but located on different machiene. like windows based application is located on local machiene and web based databased is located on another machiene. Now my prob is that after inserting all the entries in local database i want to copy these entries to web database using my windows application on single click of the button. but i have no idea about it. how could i do this. Thanks in adwance. well you have to create a DTS id ur using sql 2000 or SSI...

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Hi all,Using, whats the best way to get data from a mysql database? I want to write a class that does this for me Download MySQL connector from above link, reference it in your project and put it in the Bin folder of your project. Make a connection string in your web.config, and build a data class and a data access class in your preferred language. The data class being a representation of your table, and the data access class recieving the data object as a parameter to its insert, delete and update functions. Then link an objectdatasour...

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