How to insert image file to Mysql use VB.NET


I'm using VB.NET and Mysql for my application. I want to insert image file to Blob field in table. Who can help me?
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I tried to insert file in MySql database using VB.NET. I hope the same code should work with Image file too.


1    Dim conn As OdbcConnection
2    Dim comm As OdbcCommand
3    Dim dr As OdbcDataReader
4    Dim sql as String
5    Dim binData() As Byte
6    Dim fs1 As New FileStream _
7    (“C:\dsr-videp\A.avi”, FileMode.OpenOrCreate, _
8    FileAccess.Read)
10   fs1.Read(binData, 0, fs1.Length)
11   fs1.Close()
14   conn = New OdbcConnection("DSN=mydsndb")
15   conn.Open()
17   sql = "INSERT INTO " & tablename & "(id, blob_file) values(NULL, ?)"
18   comm = New OdbcCommand(sql, conn)
19   commServerBox.Parameters.Add("@blob_file", aData)
21   comm.ExecuteNonQuery()
22   conn.Close()
23   comm.Dispose()
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could you explain abit,



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