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hello.  I have an sql command that pulls the ID number (which is an auto-incrimenting field) from the row a user selects to delete and binds it to a variable i can use.  I need to setup an SQL statement that then takes all the ID rows greater than that deleted row ID's number, and subtracts 1 from them, updating them with the new value. I think i may be on the right path, i'm not sure. if someone could help me with this as i've never really setup complex SQL statements before.

'gets the id value of the field being deleted from a dropdownlist selection 

Dim strConnString As String = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("new").ConnectionString()

Dim filename2 As String

filename2 = DDLdelete.SelectedValue.ToString

Dim conn As New MySqlConnection(strConnString)


Dim cmd As New MySqlCommand("select id from uploads where filename=@filename", conn)

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@filename", filename2)

Dim id As Integer = CInt(cmd.ExecuteScalar())


'subtract 1 from the id value of all rows

Dim strQueryIDCHANGE As String = "update uploads set id=id-1 where id=@id.........THIS IS WHERE I NEED HELP

Dim cmdIDCHANGE As New MySqlCommand(strQueryIDCHANGE)cmdIDCHANGE.Parameters.AddWithValue("@file", File)






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ok, odd stuff....i tried this command:

'subtract 1 from the id value of all rows

Dim strQueryIDCHANGE As String = "update uploads set id=id-1 where id>@id"

Dim cmdIDCHANGE As New MySqlCommand(strQueryIDCHANGE)cmdIDCHANGE.Parameters.AddWithValue("@id", id)


which doesn't change anything, however, if i make the greater than, a less than < it will minus all the ID fields before it by come it won't -1 all the fields above it?


"with every fix comes a new bug"
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