HELP! using mysql .net ODBC data provider as backend for excel 2000 automation..

Ok, here's the deal.

I am trying very hard to use MySQL as a backend for ASP.NET development (which works fine), and trying to create a reporting section that generates excel reports using Excel 2000. Has anyone tried this and is it feasible. Needless to say I am running into all sorts of problems. The MySQL odbc .net provider works fine and is able to connect to the database. for all other regular programming. eg. populating listboxes, databinding the datagrids, datasets etc. works perfectly.
Enter excel 2000 reports; I have tried automating this through ASP.NET but it gives me a lot of COM exception type errors. I added a reference to the Excel 10.0 library in my visual solution, and its imported Excel, Office and something called VBIDE as references.
Now, I am able to write to an excel cell using automation but not when the query is from the database. However the same thing works from within the actual Excel application (when its not automated.) I am confused about whether:
1. Something is wrong with the MySQL driver when automating excel
2. Something is wrong with trying to automate Excel 2000 using ASP.NET
anyone with any knowledge about this please enlighten me,
Kulin Parikh


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We have just released a version of our reporting tool (lgxReportDev) that now supports MySQL.  That might help you create reports as .NET developer for MySQL.  

With the support for MySQL you can:
* See your database tables within lgxReportDev
* Create SQL commands by using query builder
* Create table joins
* Copy, paste, and modify your query within the lgxReportDev
studio environment
In addition to MySQL support lgxReportDev still includes the rich feature set that has made it popular like:
* Multiple Exporting Options (Excel, Word, PDF)
* Automatic On Demand Interactive Paging for Interactive Type of
* Multi-mode Support (i.e. Printable and Interactive Paging) From
One Report
* Advanced Security Model down to any Element within the Report
* Easy Integration with other Applications through HTTP
* Easy Web Deployment of Reports
* Ability to Work with Multiple Data Sources Including XML Web

For more info please see:

Bill Kotraba
11/20/2003 8:14:23 PM

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