Converting SQL syntax to MySQL syntax

 Hi, the following is a stored procedure written for SQL,  would this work in MySQL or do I have to change the syntax? If so would you please point me to the site that will show me how to convert it to one that is equivalent to the MySQL syntax?  Thank you in advance for your help.

     @Page int,
     @RecsPerPage int

-- We don't want to return the # of rows inserted
-- into our temporary table, so turn NOCOUNT ON

--Create a temporary table
    ID int IDENTITY,
    Name varchar(50),
    Price currency

-- Insert the rows from tblItems into the temp. table
INSERT INTO #TempItems (Name, Price)
SELECT Name,Price FROM tblItem ORDER BY Price

-- Find out the first and last record we want
DECLARE @FirstRec int, @LastRec int
SELECT @FirstRec = (@Page - 1) * @RecsPerPage
SELECT @LastRec = (@Page * @RecsPerPage + 1)

-- Now, return the set of paged records, plus, an indiciation of we
-- have more records or not!
       MoreRecords =
     FROM #TempItems TI
     WHERE TI.ID >= @LastRec
FROM #TempItems
WHERE ID > @FirstRec AND ID < @LastRec

-- Turn NOCOUNT back OFF

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not familiar with the #tablename identifier.. you may use `tablename` as an alternate of it to mysql...

as I've read your stored proc. I only see one unknown in it, just the # ...

for a guide, you can go to this Manual.. actually MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual.




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